Recruitment Process

At BPH we are passionate about recruitment!

You are probably well acquainted with the mechanics of executive recruitment.  You may know about the savings in time and energy, and about how these two could represent considerable savings in money.  You already know how a search is generated and conducted, how candidates are appraised, how the final selection is made by you, and how our fees are on a contingency basis.

Just to refresh your memory, we include some of the recruitment services we provide:

▪Thorough analysis of your company needs

▪Development of job description and specifications

▪Investigation of target industries and companies

▪Research to identify potential candidates

▪Solicitation of candidates to determine interest

▪Meeting with candidates for face to face screening

▪Reference checks of candidates credentials

▪Developing a short list of prospective candidates

▪Arranging interviews for promising candidates

▪Helping negotiate salary and compensation packages

▪Assessment of candidate skills and certifications