The Difference

Superior customer service

For BPH customer service is paramount.  We understand how gruesome the recruitment process can be when it is not effectively managed.  This is why we become partners in the entire recruitment process.  In BPH we guide our clients and stay with them until they are FULLY satisfied with the candidate.   Our recruitment advisors will filter only the most qualified professionals, the ones that truly match your company’s need.


Access to the best talent

With over 30 years of successfully matching candidates in all levels of management, BPH has unique access and intelligence to the best professionals your company may need.

BPH can be your master key, the password that helps you gain access to potential candidates, to those who meet your expectations.

Our advisors have gained the trust of thousands of professional who where successfully matched and continue to climb the corporate ladder.  These professionals are the testament to our success and continue to recommend us to executives wanting growth and change.

Commitment to research

At BPH we consider every case different.  This is why we commit ourselves to each client conducting in depth research of the company needs, the business environment and specific qualifications for the task.

We take great advantage of research and technology.  A digital database of candidates is updated continually and segmented for specific roles and industries.

BPH can investigate your company’s structure and determine productivity options to better use human resources.


Experience in multiple industries

Not all industries are the same.  And this requires a special breed of specialist to work on your specific industry needs.   BPH, because of its 30 years of experience, has worked in most productive industries.  Our advisors specialize in different industries depending their business background and become expert consultants of their divisions.

BPH main specializes in the following industries:

• Manufacturing (all levels)

• Accounting/Finance

• Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences

• Management Information Systems

• Sales and Marketing

• Administrative and Corporate Assistants